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27th July 2017 
Source Energy Healing. Source Energy Healing

Total Peace bringing Clarity to Your Life Path

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Focus Source Energy Healing is Profound, it brings peace, calmness and focus.

It is a joy.

Source Energy Healing is an ancient Healing that has been returned to humanity at this most important time of enlightenment.

Source Energy Healing works on each cell, lighting up, energising and healing, therefore moving you forward on your life path.
I love working with this beautiful energy to help everyone and I love receiving the energy that gives such a profound Peace. It is a gift to give and receive.

The Source Energy Healing can be given at a distance or directly with hands on.

The costs

33 for a half hour distant or hands on Source Energy Healing

60 for an hour Source Energy Healing hands on

Please call now and begin your sacred journey
01329 608103
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