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27th July 2017 
The Diana Cooper Foundation Teacher Training. orchid

Teacher Training with The Diana Cooper Foundation

Rosalind is a Master Teacher with The Diana Cooper Foundation and is honoured and pleased to offer you the opportunity to teach Courses in Angels, Ascension, Unicorns, Towards the Golden Age, Lemurian Planetary Healing. Please see the Events Page for all monthly dates.

Would you love to spread the Light and Love of the Angels and teach workshops and courses?

Certificated Teacher Training Courses in Fareham Hampshire UK, from the Diana Cooper Foundation
are for those who would love to lead their own workshops, allowing others to connect with Angels, Unicorns and Ascended Masters to bring the most profound joy.

Diana Cooper Foundation Teacher Training in Fareham Hampshire UK

Various Teacher Training Courses available each month, for example:

Teacher Training - Ascension
Ascension is about raising your vibration so that you live from your heart. You embody compassion, love and forgiveness. You literally carry more light in every cell, you are healthier, look younger and feel radiant! Who wants to join the queue?

It is about being in the moment, all the time, learning to be yourself, loving what is and looking out for yourself in a loving way. It is also about watching when you forget to see the perfection in all life.

If you would like to grow your light and help others to grow theirs please give me a call, and become a teacher of Ascension for the Diana Cooper Foundation. It is a journey of love.

Ascension Teacher Training with Diana Cooper Foundation
Please call or email for details. Ascension Teacher Training Email

Ascension -3 days Teacher Training plus 6 days Ascension Training

Prefer Angels?

Angels - 3 days Teacher Training plus 6 days Angels Training.

please see events page for details and dates

Costs are set by the Diana Cooper School at 120 per day for all Teacher Training Courses

Payments are by faster payments online, or bank transfer, or may be made by monthly direct debit once you have spoken and it has been confirmed with Rosalind.

Course Modules

Begin with Teacher Training 3 days, which is completed once only and then is followed with the course of your choice:

Angel - Modules One and Two - 6 days

Ascension - Modules One and Two - 6 days

Towards the Golden Age - 6 days

Lemurian Planetary Healing - 3 days

Unicorns - 3 days

Non-Teaching for personal development
All courses are available as Non-Teaching Courses - for your Spiritual Development, from 1 day to 6 days depending on course and time you wish to devote to your development.

Towards the Golden Age
Ascended Masters

Workshops and Courses for your personal and spiritual development.

Please call Rosalind on 01329 608103 or text 07824441014 for information or any questions you may have

Testimonial from Angel Teacher VM

Angels Teacher Training Testimonial from VM Switzerland

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the past nine days of wonderful experiences, great inspirations, and lots and lots of joy!
VM Switzerland

DCF Angel Teacher Training

Please call Rosalind on 01329 608103 or email for details and an application form can be found on

Venues around the World
Courses are in Fareham PO14 Hampshire UK but I also love to travel within the UK and Internationally to teach so I welcome invitations!

Towards 2032 Teacher Training shows the wonderful opportunities for personal growth.

Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher Training Course

The Lemurian crystals have amazing energy and power to heal our planet and people. Did you know they were placed in the Earth by the Lemurian people to help our planet ascend at this time? It is needed so much right now. You also have so much ability to tap into. Is this your path? A two day non-teaching workshop for your own personal development, or a teacher training course of 6 days with the Teacher Training Course. Diana Cooper Teacher Training Courses available every month.

2. Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher Training Course
is a 3 day course -or 6 days including 3 days Teacher Training (if not previously completed)
It is certificated with The Diana Cooper Foundation Lemurian Crystal Healing Teacher Training Course - email contact form

Non-Teaching 3 day Lemurian Course

Non-teaching Lemurian Planetary Healing 3 day course/workshop
for those who have a real connection with nature and do not wish to teach at present. Info via email contact form Unicorn Teacher Training

Lemurian Crystal Healing three day non-teaching course

Towards 2032 Teacher Training

Message from Diana…
“We are at the brink of the most exciting time for the planet and also the School. As we all know 2012 & beyond offers the most important opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been. Millions of people will be waking up over the next five to ten years and it is up to us to help them to stay grounded, integrate the new higher energy and demonstrate enlightenment and ascension.”

21st December 2012 was the end of a 26,000 year astrological cycle as recognised by the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas and many of the Ancient cultures.

Atlantis was an experiment that was set up over a period of 10,000 years and lasted for 240,000 years. It has taken 10,000 - finally ending in December 2012, a 260,000 year cycle.

Why was 2012 so important?
This is the most fantastic opportunity for spiritual growth there has ever been in history. Beings from other Universes are watching what is happening on Earth at this time. It is very important that you take responsibility for yourself with your thinking and actions, letting go of past hurts and finding a happier way of being.

Towards the Golden AgeTeacher Training with the Diana Cooper Foundation

Towards the Golden Age & Teacher Training
The purpose of this teacher training course is to empower you to spread the knowledge of the changes happening now, so that you can lead others towards enlightenment and ascension.

This course provides you with greater understanding of the energies involved in orchestrating the changes that are, and will be happening in the World. You with experience powerful activities and visualisations to raise your own vibration and the energies of others in this enlightening course.

Towards the Golden Age Teacher Training Email

Non-Teaching Towards the Golden Age
Towards the Golden Age

A course to help you to raise your vibration by working with your 12 energy chakras/centres to bring in more light. And how it is a new beginning for you. A new earth is forming.
Unicorn Teacher Training

On a personal level:
Are you a 3rd dimensional being? Do you see everything as black and white and only trust what you can see, hear and touch?

Are you a 4th dimensional being? Do you understand that there is more than the physical at work here? Are you beginning to understand that what you give out you receive back 10 fold? You are beginning to trust and are finding your way, looking for more spiritual information and help along the way.

Are you a 5th dimensional being and totally trust in the power of the universe and know without doubt that you are the creator of your thoughts and actions? You take full responsibility for all that happens to you as you know that you have created it. You know that you are an important part of something so incredibly beautiful, it takes your breath away and you are filled with gratitude and grace.

You tend to dip in and out of these dimensions as you go about your daily life. When things are running smoothly it is easy to be in the 4th dimension. What happens when you have a bad day or experience? Do you rant and rave about how unfair it all is and what so and so has done to you or said about you? Turn it around and look at it as your problem alone.

Begin to take responsibility for your feelings and acknowledge they are yours. What can you do to change your perception? As you look deeper and become responsible for your own feelings you let go of the aggravation that is within you. You allow a space to be there to give you time to evaluate what those feelings are really about. Chances are those feelings are not even related to this latest event but have come as baggage from past repetitive events.

It is time for you, and all people to come together to improve not only the quality of our lives but to know that we are changing the vibration of the planet with our improved thoughts and energy. You and everyone else need to take full responsibility, simply and easily - and without struggle.

When you are happy, your vibration is high, you feel lighter. Life is simple and problems are more easily resolved. You have stepped into the flow, you feel more connected to everyone and everything around you. You know you are a part of the whole.

The Lemurians were a very high vibrational people,
who really loved, nurtured and respected planet Earth. They lived as high vibrational beings and respected all of life on Mother Earth, living in harmony with all of nature including animals, fairies and other elementals, as well as the higher spiritual realms.

Lemurian Healing is the most beautiful healing and is used in groups to bring in more light and healing to the planet and people.

Two or more people - can work together with Lemurian Planetary Healing to help humanity, animals, plant life, countries, planets, universes and yourself by working with a Lemurian crystal. It is the most profound healing and certainly one of loveliest forms of healing I have come across.

Comments from course participants of Lemurian Planetary Healing
"Lemurian Healing is very powerful. For each exercise one feels a power beyond ourselves. When working in a group for self healing each person sees in a different way what healing is required for an individual, when the group asks for what healing is required, each person speaks of what they were guided to heal and it fits together rather like a jigsaw, each one seeing a different picture but having the same understanding, so the group work together as one. For one person there were pictures seen within the Lemurian crystal indicating freedom, for another the collective visions indicated the right time to heal ancestry. For another the pieces of the jigsaw pointed towards going deeper and slower to learn a life lesson.
Lemurian Healing has to be experienced to know just how powerful it is."
MG Fareham

"During my self healing within the group I felt the energies strongly, feeling as if I was going in a circle. I felt very tall, a wonderful feeling. The power of the Lemurian Crystals is amazing!
The whole day has gone quickly, it has been a wonderful time connecting with Lemurian Healing and how special it was for us as a group. I felt energised afterwards.
I thank the Unicorns and Angels, Higher Beings who were with us today, God bless you all."
SS Southampton

"The day was wonderful - the insights for what we felt needed healing in each other was a highlight for me. Each person's story/vision tied together.
Conclusion from today - I want to work in healing groups, may they influence my present group or start another group of my own or both. There is an urgency to get on and do this healing work without procrastination. The freedom to do it will be here soon. Lemurian healing will go a long way to fulfilling the planet's healing to complete the cycle started so long ago.
Thank you Rosalind"

"I feel as if I am a tabular quartz crystal standing on the Earth with the point to the heavens. I am pulsing with energy. I realize that I have no point towards Earth and this saddens me. My focus shifts and I hear beautiful Polynesian singing.


I see this beautiful Polynesian woman standing on a beach. She has long dark hair, a crown of leaves and exudes love whilst singing. It feels like a "welcome home" from her heart to my heart.
I feel myself being drawn through an opening into Mother Earth and I can see in the distance through a tunnel - a crystal city. I know that this is Inner Earth. I am met just outside the entrance to Inner Earth by a blond-haired, blue-eyed man. He introduces himself as being Adama. Whilst in his presence my hear centre becomes huge and fills my whole chest and is expanded by the love that I feel in him and me - there is a recognition of our togetherness, our Oneness. I know that he is thanking me (telepathically) for the work we are doing with healing on the Earth and with the Lemurian crystals. I feel that this is a message that I need to spread to others. The work we are doing is H U G E and is helping the whole of Earth (both inner and outer) our solar system and the Galaxy. This Divine timing is N O W and we are the people to help Gaia raise her vibration. I embrace him and our hearts merge and become one. The scene fades and I am back in the room with the group. I share the story with everyone and hug each person to spread the message from Inner Earth.
I return to my place in the centre of the group. I find that I no longer have 1 point, but 2 points now. One pointing to Source and one to Earth. I am a bridge between the two."
SR Oxford

LEMURIAN CRYSTAL HEALING three day course (non-teaching)
Lemurian Crystal Healing - a two day workshop for you to know how to use these crystals to help planet earth and yourself towards wholeness.

Lemurian crystals were left for us to use at this time to help to heal the earth and the people. This time on the planet is the most important time ever. You have the opportunity to help the earth and all people heal.

The crystals are so powerful.

Using the Lemurian crystals people sit in a group and ask the crystal where healing is needed on the planet? Depending upon the person they will have an understanding, a message, a knowing exactly where the healing is required. Each person will come up with a similar answer although in different words, and then the whole group will send to the area that was given.

It is a profound experience and brings the group together. Afterwards, when any of the group want to send out Lemurian Healing they are automatically linked to their original group and so send out the healing as a group!

Lemurian Planetary Healing Email
Unicorn non teaching course 3 days