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27th July 2017 
Events and Courses 2017. holeinskybiscay

Courses 2017

Reiki Classes Hampshire - Courses every month - One-to-One teaching available from Beginner to Teaching Master at no extra cost

June 2017


Course: Angel Teacher Training with the Diana Cooper Foundation

Date: 2-4 June Teacher Training

5-7 Angel Module 1

8-10 Angel Module 2

Time: 9.30 - 5.30

Venue: Fareham Hampshire


Course: Reiki I Beginners Reiki Shoden

Date: 17 June

Time: 10-5

Venue: Fareham Hampshire


Course Reiki Practitioner Okuden

Date: 18 June

Time: 10-5

Venue: Fareham Hampshire


Course: AngelReiki for beginners

Date: 24 & 25 June

Time: 10-5

Venue: Fareham Hampshire


June 30-5July Diana Cooper Foundation

Course: Lemurian Planetary Healing

Date: 30 June-2 July Teacher Training

3-5 July Lemurian Planetary Healing

Time: 09.30-5.30

Venue: Fareham Hampshire

July 8 & 9

Reiki Shoden

Date: 8 July

Reiki Okuden 9 July

Time: 10-5

Venue: Fareham Hampshire

Choose your Experience with Experience Days - A Day with:



Ascended Masters,

Spiritual Development,


The Coming Golden Age

Make your choice and enjoy an unforgettable day for yourself or another. Your gift comes complete with a card with gift voucher:
Angel/Unicorn/Ascended Masters/Spiritual Development/Lemurian/The Coming Golden Age Experience Days make wonderful gifts - cards and gift vouchers available with details of the day
Please call or email for details - week days or weekends Source Energy Healing Page

Times: 10.00-16.00

Dates: of your choice throughout the year

Venue: Fareham, Hampshire UK

Source Energy Healing - An ancient healing system returned to humanity. Find your true path by removing the blocks that hold you back.

Please call to book your session, distant/or in person.

Distant healing Source Energy Healing

Sessions of half an hour 33, please email for an application form

Sessions of one hour 60

Source Energy Healing Teaching
from September 2017

Divine Thoughts

Divine Thoughts are messengers of Love, the True Way of Being
You were designed in Love by Love
You are the creator of your reality
What you perceive, you have created
Love creates more Love
Be Loving