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5th August 2020 
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Courses with Complete Angel

Complete Angel in Fareham near Stubbington and Lee on the Solent in Gosport, Hampshire UK welcomes you to experience spiritual teaching with Angels, Unicorns, Ascended Masters or Beings of Light as an experience or learn to teach their wisdom and guidance through meditation and connecting with them and their wisdom.

Do you have an affinity with Angels? Or with Unicorns? Would you like to understand more about them and their roles in your life?
Make your life sweeter, as you find and follow your true path. Perhaps through your personal healing journey, with Reiki, AngelReiki or Source Energy Healing which is for your true path with spiritual guidance. Let go and trust in a higher wisdom to guide you home.
Become a teacher and help spread the Light.

1:1 Sessions or days, designed specifically for you
Rosalind offers 1:1 guidance with Angels and Spiritual Beings within all day courses or personal development sessions, designed especially for you, leading you towards a more conscious and peaceful life.
Whatever your need is, please give me a call and I will do all I can, including designing your day of choice with the perfect spiritual tools for you to use on the day and in your future.

The Angels are waiting for you. Ask for the help you need and know how you can be more spiritual with the gift of understanding the guidance you receive. I would love an Angel Message

Dear Rosalind,

Thank you so much for a stimulating, informative and interesting day. I enjoyed every moment and have gained more than I ever imagined I could. I came away with a feeling of well-being and exhilaration which is still with me.

Thank you for your time, patience and for making the whole learning experience so pleasurable and fulfilling.

I shall continue to put into practice what you have taught me and sincerely hope to return for further instruction in the not too distant future.

Your friend and eager pupil,


AngelReiki, for days of pure delight as you connect with Angelic higher realms of light, enabling healing for yourself and others.
I have had a love of the Angels forever and often thought that Reiki and the Angels belonged together. One day a beautiful lady from Finland came to stay with me and told me the Angels had given her a message with instructions that I was to teach AngelReiki. So it began, a beautifully simple way of teaching to bring the Angels in to your awareness, to be with them each day as you place your hands on yourself or others for healing and clarity. AngelReiki email contact form

Spiritual Courses for beginners to Spiritual Evolution for the more advanced
The Spiritual side of life is necessary bringing balance and harmony into your life. Spiritual courses - designed for your balanced life. Connect with the higher realms of light and yet be totally grounded and connected to the earth. A balanced way of living to gain your full potential. Receive knowledge, spiritual understanding, have spiritual tools for your daily use and become more consciously aware of your role within your life path. email contact form - please include subject/course you are interested in

One, Two or more Day courses available

Spiritually You, Personal Development with your Personal Development Trainer. Live with your full potential

Bringing Heaven to Earth - become clearer entering the Golden Age
How do you become clearer? With intent step by step

Seven Steps to Heaven (Freedom)

Your Divine Sacred Pathway - for those who are ready to create their loving, joyful path to the future, starting right now.

Yourself, have you wondered how you find the true you?

Find your information through Angels, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Cosmic Beings

Easily change your life by gentle effort with the guidance of Great Beings of Light. Once you connect you wonder why you haven't done it before

This teaching is inspired with the help of Quan Yin, Sananda, Saint Germain, Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Angels, Unicorns and Elementals

Understand Sacred knowledge and how it will help you

What is your purpose - why are you here?

Communicate simply with Beings of Light

Receive answers to your questions

Find Your Path of Joy

Know yourself as a radiant being of light


Connection with Oneness






Personal healing tools you can use each day

Protection from other's negative emotions

Feel yourself filled with the most powerful Love

Clear away the negativity around and within you

Experience your life working for you simply as you step into the now, leaving behind all that that no longer serves you.

Love is the most important God created feeling - not the human emotion - but the God Love which compels you to act constructively

Bringing Heaven to Earth Email Form for information

Angel Experience Days
The Angels guide you when you remember to ask for their guidance. Gratitude for all the good create your next moments and your fulfilled life. Ask the angels to remind you. They will show you a sign they are there. They may send white feathers which appear magically, physically. If you have asked for help then remember to look as well as listen for the answers - books falling in front of you with the open page showing the answer, hearing certain words spoken and then realizing that is your answer! The answers come in many ways, never be surprised as they will come in all ways! Mine once came as I switched on the radio, giving me the answer to a question I'd asked the previous day,

Come and meet the Angels and experience Peace, Angelic Communication, Love, Gratitude and know how you connect on your own in your environment. These days are to help you expand your understanding of Angels and know how they are with you always, ask them for the help you require and see the results within days and sometimes within hours .

Keep up a daily practice of gratitude with focus and see your life turn around.
email contact form - please include subject/course you are interested in

Personal Training for the Mind - working from within with
Life Guidance - for when you are not sure which way to turn or you feel generally stuck

Spiritual Personal Trainer for the Mind - Guided steps towards Peace, turn your life around, moving forward and take positive steps towards your future with spiritual training.

If your life is not working as you would like, I will help you turn your life around towards peace and happiness, remove the fears and worries and show you simple steps for a happier future. Find the life you love with step by step guidance.

Your spiritual tools for your development. You can be back in control of your life in a gentle, loving way. Watch as you see the benefits of peace, happiness, love, joy and freedom develop day by day. Please see the testimonials Take me to peace and happiness results

The Universe is a beautiful creation of light, orchestrated in perfection. Light and sound creating in each moment. You are part of this creation, creating your own reality second by second, building your foundation of your future.

The Light/Love pours into the Universe from Source, into every living thing, into you. You can enhance this by asking with intention for your I AM Presence which is above your head and is anchored within your heart.

Daily Practice suggestion
Imagine yourself being filled with pure, perfect light from above your head. This light is life enhancing, purifying, protecting, filling you with the love and joy of God and Angels. You are in a tube of light. Ask for the Sacred Violet Flame to burn up any discord in your life and any from all past lives. See it rising from your feet upwards, consuming everything that removes the Joy from your life. Do this daily and you will see a difference within days and weeks.

Do this for just 5 minutes each day, once, twice or better still three times and watch how you improve the quality of your life.

Your life is created by your thoughts, each thought is magnetic and attracts like to you. Positive thoughts attract positive events. What happens when you have a bad day or a time of lack in your life? You've guessed it - more of the same - when you put your focus there! The Universe is created so that you receive that which you are focused upon! So don not focus on other people's misfortunes either. Keep purer thoughts. No matter what happens in your life, there is a personal growth that comes from it.

The/your world is a reflection of your thinking. You experience what you believe is true. As your vibration rises, your perception of your life changes and so you attract better outcomes of all situations. Make your journey more powerful, with guidance and a sense of fun. Personal Trainer for the Mind email contact form or Take me to peace and happiness results

  • Spiritual Development and growth with various Spiritual Workshops, Courses and spiritual awareness days, Angel workshops, Channeling information from St. Germain and ascended masters. Try a Spiritual Weekend for peace, tranquility, love and laughter A day with Ascended Masters

    How to be spiritual - learn Reiki - open your heart

  • Fill your Life with Light with Reiki

    Reiki Classes and Courses - Reiki Courses over one and two days
    Reiki Classes Hampshire - hours to suit you if you work shifts or unusual patterns
    Reiki Courses are offered each month for all levels from beginner to Teaching Master

    For your own healing Place your hands on yourself - Shoden Reiki for beginners 1 day
    for Practitioner level Okuden add 1 day, the
    Shinpiden for Teaching Master 2 days

    Reiki Courses Great for Personal and Spiritual Development


  • AngelReiki Courses Hampshire
    Complete AngelReiki Courses and Classes in Hampshire for you, experience the true power of Reiki with Angels guiding you with each step, an amazing journey that opens you to the higher realms where Angels guide your healing.
    AngelReiki Courses for beginners - if you wish you may progress to
    AngelReiki Practitioner level and
    AngelReiki Teaching Master email contact form - please include subject/course you are interested in

  • Spiritual Development workshops and courses from one or two days
    Spiritual Development days for you to explore how to work with Angels and Beings of Light to enhance yourself and your world. Find ways to create a gentler life, bringing more love into yourself and your family and friends.

    Whispering Angels have words of Wisdom to share

    Blessings Dear Ones
    We have come today to share with you our Blessings, our Love and our Grace. We see your anguish when life becomes a chore instead of the Joy it was and is destined to be.
    Take time my beloveds and sit quietly to contemplate the Love in your life, the beauty of nature, the wisdom of the trees. Sit beneath a tree and feel the love that emanates from the tree to all life. That my beloveds, is your work too.
    Come now, take a moment and settle. Believe in Peace, believe in Grace in this moment for there is no other at this time. Your blessings come easily when you know the love of God. For God is Love of all creation, the giver and receiver of all good.
    Love with all your heart, all people, all creation for it to return to you the love of all but many times stronger. There truly is only love. The rest is the creation of mankind when he forgets he is love.
    Blessings Divine Ones

    See the Angel Experience page for some inspiration or receive Free Angel Messages daily to help you to your Freedom I would love an Angel Message

    How to be spiritual - lessons of joy How to be spiritual

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    Complete Angel is situated in Hill Head Fareham, between Portsmouth and Southampton near Lee-on-the-Solent, Stubbington and Gosport in Hampshire, close to the M27. We can also be reached from Fareham and Portsmouth, Poole, Salisbury, Winchester, Southampton and Brighton quite easily via road, Motorway or rail, and also by ferry from the Isle of Wight. Where we are is not a problem as much of the work on fears and phobias can be carried out by phone! Call on 07824441014.

    Reiki Courses and Evening Classes Hampshire Reiki courses contact form

    AngelReiki Courses Fareham Hampshire

    Love health and healing at Complete Angel Stubbington Hill Head Fareham Hampshire UK

    Reiki Classes Hampshire

    AngelReiki Courses Hampshire

    Spiritual lessons, classes and Courses from an hour to a life time of understanding

    Reiki Classes Hampshire Reiki courses contact form

  • AngelReiki Hampshire

    AngelReiki is a powerful healing module, designed to heal yourself and others with the aid of the Archangels. It is very powerful and will help you to release all those little bits and pieces you have held on to for so long. Is this your time? When the student is ready the teacher appears....