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4th December 2021 
Daily Angel Guidance. holeinskybiscay

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461 Dear Ones today we speak of Humility. Become humble as you approach your I AM Presence or Source, to ask for help, guidance or the Light of Perfection, Purity and Protection. Please ask from your Heart of Joy, never from a place of fear. Find something that is Joy to you, think of it, raise your vibration with a smile and a warming of your Heart and then approach with Humility and ask for what you desire, there you will find your answer. Go in Grace Beloved One.

Dear Ones place yourself in the hands of your Guardian Angel. Ask for what you want. Choose from your heart, with love. Ask for as much as you want, do not settle for less, ask for more and then share it. We love you to be abundant and healthy, please ask.

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