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27th February 2020 
Events and Courses 2018. holeinskybiscay

Courses 2019

Reiki Classes Hampshire - Courses every month, most weeks, book in with a deposit - One-to-One teaching available from Beginner to Teaching Master at no extra cost
Call Rosalind if you would like a 1:1 Reiki Course or email Reiki Interest all levels and mention which Reiki level you are interested in.

Reiki - Shoden - beginners - no experience required - part one of the Practitioner Level

Reiki - Okuden - Practitioner

Reiki - Shinpiden - Teaching Master

Dates: book your preferred date

February - Shoden, Okuden

March - Shoden, Okuden

April - Shinpiden

May - Shoden, Okuden

June -Shinpiden

July - Shoden, Okuden

August - Shinpiden

September - Shoden, Okuden

October - Shinpiden

November - Shoden, Okuden

December - Shinpiden

Source Energy Healing

2019 please see the new course Source Energy Healing Practitioner Training

Source Energy Healing - Practitioner Training

The Hands on Source Energy Healing Practitioner Training is four days training plus

The Distant Practitioner training is two days

You will need to complete the Hands on course first

Source Energy Hands on Practitioner 4 days

Source Energy Distant Healing Practitioner 2 days (after completing the 4 days)

If you would like to train as a Source Energy Healing Practitioner please call Rosalind for an application form and all information.
Email contact form Source Energy Healing info request or call 07824441014

The following dates for Source Energy Healing Practitioner Courses:

Hands-on Practitioner (H) 12 - 13 & 19 - 20 Feb Hampshire Rosalind

Distant Practitioner (D) 26 - 27 Feb Hampshire Rosalind

Hands-on Practitioner (H) 5 - 6 & 12-13 March Hampshire Rosalind

Distant Practitioner (D) 19 - 20 March Hampshire Rosalind

Hands-on Practitioner (H) 29-30 Apr & 2-3 May Hampshire Rosalind
Distant Practitioner (D) 9 - 10 May Hampshire Rosalind

The Hands-on Source Energy Healing Practitioner Training is four days and the Distant Practitioner training is two days
(you need to complete the Hands-on course first).

To train as a Source Energy Healing Practitioner please contact Rosalind 07824441014

Dates available May June July August September October November
Experience Days - Days with the Angels - Days with the Ascended Masters - A Day with Unicorns - and more. Give as a gift, complete with beautiful gift cards available with free postage, just pay a deposit towards or the full cost of the day course deposit 32 Full cost 64.

Unicorns - the most fun, who knew the Unicorns had such a sense of humour?

Angels - Blessings given and received with the Angels

Ascended Masters - meet the Masters Jesus, Mary, St.Germain

Spiritual Development - how to live in freedom

Lemurian Crystals - wake up your Spiritual Master within

The Coming Golden Age - prepare with knowledge

Make your choice and enjoy an unforgettable day for yourself or another as a gift. Your gift comes complete with a card with gift voucher:
Angel/Unicorn/Ascended Masters/Spiritual Development/Lemurian/The Coming Golden Age.

Experience Days make wonderful gifts - cards and gift vouchers available with details of the day
Please call or email for details - week days or weekends Experience Days info request

Times: 10.00-16.00

Dates: of your choice throughout the year

Venue: Fareham, Hampshire UK

Divine Thoughts

Divine Thoughts are messengers of Love, the True Way of Being
You were designed in Love by Love
You are the creator of your reality
What you perceive, you have created
Love creates more Love
Be Loving