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12th April 2024 
Angel Workshops & Experience Days. bluetitwithgrub

Angel Experience Days & Sessions/Workshops in Hampshire

Experience Days tailored for you in Fareham, Hampshire Gift cards available please ask for details Gift cards for Christmas details
Choose from:
Ascended Masters
The New Golden Age

Simply choose which one feels right for you and give me a call. I will design the day or session just for you. Move forward in your life with ease and purpose.

When you call on the Angels/Beings of Light for love, guidance or help, they respond, instantly. They surround you with their love, support you, and whisper higher ideas. Your life takes on new meaning as you feel more loving and supported in your wiser choices. Info on Angel Experience Days

Here are a selection of messages

430 Blessed Ones you are Joy in action, you are the Light you seek, you are the Beings of Light that transform thoughts into matter. You truly are Magnificent Beings of Light. Your Purpose is to share this with others through Love and Compassion. Ask for help to do this if you need to. Trust in your greater powers that come from your Source, your I AM Presence. There is One Energy, One Connection with All. You are that Connection, that Love, that Compassion. What are you waiting for? Go in Peace Beloveds.
Did you ever wish you could know your Guardian Angel so you know who to ask for help when ever you need it? Meet your Guardian Angel and many of the Angels for your spiritual development, wisdom, peace and enlightenment. Gain experience and know how to connect safely for guidance. Know peace.

461 Dear Ones today we speak of Humility. Become humble as you approach your I AM Presence or Source, to ask for help, guidance or the Light of Perfection, Purity and Protection. Please ask from your Heart of Joy, never from a place of fear. Find something that is Joy to you, think of it, raise your vibration with a smile and a warming of your Heart and then approach with Humility and ask for what you desire, there you will find your answer. Go in Grace Beloved One.

Angels - a day for meeting with your Angels for more understanding of how they interact in your life..

Make your connection with your Angels. Know how to contact them for peace and guidance.

Meeting with Your Angels for love and support. Please bring your questions and you will find your answers from the Angels

Raise your vibrations/energy

Build a Puja/Altar

Meet your Guardian Angel

Ask questions - Receive answers

Angel Healing

Unicorn Healing

Be inspired with the Angels by the Angels

Discover how to communicate, to ask for help and receive answers



Angel Magic -simply

Personal One-to-One Angel Experience designed for you personally. Answer a few questions, tell me what you desire and we will connect with the Angels for guidance and Love.

What would you love to know?

How would you love to be?

Would you love to communicate with the Angels?

What would make your heart sing?

Call to tell me how I can design the day just perfect for you.

Time: 10 - 4
Venue Fareham
Cost: £65
Angels Experience One-to-One Day Design

Angelic Inspiration

Be inspired with the Angels
a very special time to be with the Angels to experience more wisdom and understanding. Feel your connection. And take away the ability to communicate, ask questions, receive answers, and meet a Unicorn or two. Planetary healing with the Angels and Unicorns

Angel message for today

Hello Dear Ones, today sees the return of quality of being. A way of lightening the load. See yourself through the eyes of others. See your goodness shine out, encompassing all within your vision. Bless them with Love and know the miracles that you perceive are thanks to you and your blessing.

Angel Workshops Testimonials

"What a first class workshop, best I have attended"!
IP Chelmsford

"I've been meaning to drop you a line for months now!!
Firstly to say 'thank you' for a wonderful angel workshop in October. It was a lovely day filled with love, light and emotion. It gave me a 're-focus', I left feeling lighter and high and I had my question you suggested we pose (mine about life purpose) to the angels answered within a matter of a couple of months"!!
N.L-F Lee-on-the-Solent Hampshire

Unicorns are from the seventh dimension or higher. They are similar to Angels in the fact that they will guide you, answer questions and best of all, make you laugh! You can meet your Unicorn and your angel at an Angel Experience Workshop or a One to one session.

Angel Experience One-to-One Designed for You £65 1 day 10-4

Unicorn Experience One-to-One Designed for you £65 1 day 10-4

Angel Session £45 1 hour

Unicorn Session £45 1 hour

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

When you look to see beauty, you find beauty. Beauty is a state of mind, a way of being. Acknowledge the beauty around you, nature, people who help light up your day, beautiful words spoken with love. Sense the beauty and give gratitude of thought. Peace and inner beauty are yours.