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12th April 2024 
Seven Steps to Your Soul Path. davesbutterfly

How to Be Spiritual

Welcome to Seven Steps to Heaven

How can you be more present in each moment?

Take time to be in the moment, if you notice you are focusing on something detrimental then bring your attention back to the present moment. No need to chastise yourself, just do it gently. Keep doing it. Being in the moment allows the brain a rest from the nagging!
This time is a time of readjustment for the planet and all residents. We are going through some monumental changes that will lead us to better and brighter times.

How can you live and thrive with the new energies that are coming to Earth?

You can help yourself by eating fresh foods, fruit salad and vegetables, some meat or fish if you wish. Exercise in the fresh air by walking, cycling or gardening. Keep your mind occupied with whatever you are doing. Be grateful as you are doing it. Your energy is your lifeline and it is important to not allow your mind to wander un-reined.

Raise raise your vibration by sending out love and appreciation to every part of your day. You will find yourself being more relaxed and happier when you do. Live life more simply.

Life can seem daunting at times, unless you know how to overcome the worries and fears of living in present times. The way forward is to know what is happening yet not become part of it by putting your energy there.

It is vital for you to appreciate the good in your life, to look for it each day and acknowledge all the beautiful parts of your life.

Seven Steps to Heaven is a course for your Spiritual Journey. An appreciation of life no matter what is going on around you.

Bringing Heaven to Earth - Your Divine Path, discovered to enlighten your way forward, and know your life is filled with the Love of Angels, Ascended Masters and many Great Beings of Light, all here to guide you and help you on your journey.

Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying:

All I want is some Peace!

I want to know my Soul Purpose!

I need to Know the Truth of Life!

Why am I here?

Each person is here for a purpose, a journey of discovery, You are not here to do nothing, we are all here to be of service.

Work with the Ascended Masters Angels and Beings of Light, find your Peace and know how to keep it.

7 Steps to Heaven
For you who truly would like to change and live within the Light that contains the Love of The Great Central Sun, the Source, honouring the Divine within Yourself and others. Manifesting the creation of Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth is Your Experience of Life when You Live in Love with Life.

This Course may be for you better understand the meaning of Your Sacred Path, your journey with the Light. Take a leap of faith and start to really enjoy your journey, because you will be creating it with Love.

All the Steps you need to raise your vibration towards Ascension

Step 1 - Clearing blocks with the Angels

Step 2 - Angels - Living with the Angels

Step 3 - Ascended Masters - Meeting and connecting

Step 4 - Beings of Light - a greater knowing

Step 5 - Ascension Path

Step 6 - Ascenison Journey

Step 7 - Ascension Discovery

What is Ascension?
Ascension is a journey of living in the light, reaching the heights of love, grace and gratitude in your life, enabling yourself entrance into a higher vibration with life. The one difference is, N O W for the first time ever, you can ascend without leaving your body, without passing through the experience of death when your vibration is high enough.

Ascension is not just about raising your vibration. It is a full time commitment to clearing all your blocks - such as fears, worries, the things that stop you being the true you. It is also obeying the Spiritual Laws.

Each day recognising the God part of you and releasing the hold of the outer human. As you clear your blocks you free up your energy so that it really flows, you feel alive, vibrant, joyful and happy. Beyond happy. There are a few ups and downs along the way as you let go of the unwanted feelings and understand your life in a new light, but it is well worth the journey, to live with harmony, joy and abundance in your life.

Message received 20/9/14

Life is a manifestation of great love, brought forth simply by the radiance from the heart of mankind. Great beingness comes through dedication and commitment to the Soul Path.

The Soul Path is found within the heart. It is the joy, the love, the peace, the reality of grace in each moment of joy.

Your joy beckons you, demanding your true attention.

Love guides your Oneness with the Creator, your I AM Presence.

Your grace is received with love as you acknowledge your I AM Presence. With acknowledgement comes truth of your beingness within yourself, within your I AM Presence, as you feel your way forward with a quickening of your vibration.

Great grace is conferred as you love your I AM Presence and all doors open.

Be one with your I AM Presence for it is the love of Christ of you.

I AM St. Germain

Whatever you focus on - you draw towards you because we live in a magnetic Universe. Focus on what makes you smile, brings you joy and abundance, focus on the good stuff - give gratitude every morning, evening and just watch the difference!

There are practical steps you can take to make your life more delightful.

First of all know that whatever happens in your life is drawing you towards a better experience. You know what you don't like or want in order to feel what you really do want to experience in your life.

When you know what you don't want, take some time to sit quietly with pen and paper and write what you would prefer, how you would truly like your life to be. Meditate/visualise the picture of you surrounded with all the good stuff you have created. Make it a game, childlike and be expansive, allowing for growth of ideas. Fill your picture with the feeling of joy and happiness, feel it to bring it to reality, your reality, repeat! That's it, now enjoy!

Action Steps
1. Do take action, do something now! Move yourself physically from uncomfortable situations but look at their lesson by asking yourself how you feel. Do not give your power away by going over and over a poor situation. Make a decision to move forward towards joy - which is why you are here!

2. Learn from your experience and as soon as you can have gratitude for the experience because it has helped to move you forward towards what you truly desire.

3. Give gratitude for what you enjoy, have, do and are, even or especially the tough stuff. Gratitude works wonders!

4. Love what shows up, even if it's not quite what you wanted, knowing next time you spend time thinking about what you would like in your life, you will be more exact in your requests. Everything will take you to a place of greater love and understanding.

5. Know that within you is the divine presence that creates what you desire (and don't desire - whatever you focus upon)

6. Be gracious - try the art of allowing - your energy (vibration) will rise and you will experience more joy.

As your energy rises you carry more light physically in every cell. When you hold more light you feel more alive. Your vibration rises and so does the Earth's vibration as you are connected by energy. As more people raise their vibration it will have a knock on effect with others and will aid planet Earth and the people in their ascension into the 5th dimension.

Raise Your vibration (energy level/light) by:

  • Meditation
  • Staying positive
  • Focusing on what you truly desire
  • Giving gratitude and love out in equal measures
  • Let go of what you do not want by not giving it attention
  • Write down your anxieties, stresses, worries, burn the paper and send to the Angels asking that they now look after all the negatives as your life no longer has room for them!
  • As you work on focusing on the good in your life it will have a knock on effect with your partners and friends and family. Stay cool.
  • You create your reality with each moment's thinking so think well and kindly about yourself and others.

    What Benefits can be achieved
  • Total Peace
  • A sense of all is well
  • Knowing you are never alone
  • Understanding you only need to ask for all the help you require
  • Seeing miracles happen in little and larger doses
  • Enjoyment of simple pleasures
  • You no longer search for that missing something because you have found it within you
  • Feelings of Joy
  • Feelings of True Security
  • Absolutely knowing you are the creator in your life!

    Connect with the Angels for them to help you with guidance. Receive answers to your questions. Take a leap of faith and book your place now.

    The best action to take to be more spiritual is to T R U S T , let go of being right, allow life it's unfolding, know there is a Law in action.

    What do you have to gain?

  • A sense of Inner Peace

  • Feel your own spiritual power

  • Learn blessing and therefore attract all good

  • Sense how limitless the Universe is

  • Hear your own wisdom

  • Meditate simply with ease

  • Taking the to meet steps towards the right person

  • Loving relationships

    When on your toes are trod
    Turn the other cheek
    See the best and God
    Allowing the meek

    Behind the mask of guilt
    Beckons truth of thee
    Beyond the false quilt
    That covers tranquility

    Seek truth of you
    Show it to the world
    Honour yourself true
    Happily unfurled

    The energy all around you is changing, becoming higher in its vibration, which means that what once worked for you may no longer work. You need to up your game - raise your vibration. There really is no escape, you and only you can change literally everything for the better. Your best and brightest future!

    Yes we all have dramas, traumas, relationship break ups and a whole range of various happenings that have to be dealt with. It is all about how you deal with them that makes the difference. As you develop spiritually you learn to accept life's challenges. Once you accept whatever comes and be present enough to say this too will pass and I will be wiser for it, you will notice speediness enter into the mix.

    The Universe deals you the best outcome, even better than you can imagine - not only when you focus on all the good, and what you would like in your life, but when you focus on what is wrong it will send you lessons so you strive to get what you really want!
    The Universe is a huge mirror of your thinking. As you think good and recognise good in your life it will be reflected back to you. Equally as you think poor me, why me, why does this always happen to me? They did this to me. It's not my fault..... You will attract to you exactly what think about - more of the same, not out of spite but from a loving Cosmic Heart, God wants you to recognise you are a truly beautiful, magnificent being and you have all you need
    . This is a Spiritual Law - The Law of Attraction. The Universe only works with Spiritual Laws. There is no exception.

    Very often when life seems to give you a rough ride you stop being positive and dive into your distress big time, feeling hard done by and blaming external circumstances. It might make you feel better just temporarily but it will not change what comes back at you from the Universe! As the Universe (meaning One-Song or all singing from the same hymn sheet!) can only give you what you focus on. The Universe works in circles, what you give out comes back to you.

    Focus on anything that is good, write in a journal at the end of each day all the little things that made you smile and were grateful for. Your list will start small but will grow each day and become something to be very proud of. You will genuinely be and feel grateful for all the good in your life as you read back through at the end of each week. Guess what happens then? The Universe says that's great, here have some good stuff in your life because we love you being grateful!

    Of course you could always be miserable and still blame your partner or whoever but you will stay being miserable!! You do have a choice.

    Ascension techniques for you

    Step 1
    Take action now! Own your own feelings, accept it all, everything, you will heal much more quickly. You are taking responsibility for you, and that is all you can truly do

    Step 2
    Do not react to negative comments or actions from other people. Brush it off. It is their stuff and they are responsible for themselves. You don't know what they have been through and why they choose to behave as they do. Honour yourself by keeping your cool. Each day when you re-act to some negativity in a positive way, remind yourself how proud you are of the way you are dealing with the event by looking into mirror, look into your eyes making a genuine contact with your heart. Repeat this often each day, each time you pass a mirror. You will know when you have achieved this by the feeling of upliftment. You become your own supporting Angel.

    Step 3
    Say thank you for everything in your life - this works miracles! It must be genuine, open your eyes and heart, look around you and notice every little bit of beauty. Thank the people who help you on your journey. Be grateful for the rain, the wind, the sun and nature. Make a connection with nature as you come to love the way it will make you feel. Visit the sea, the woods and soak up the energy, allowing it to raise your vibration. Pay attention to the sun rise and the sun set and experience both - soak up the special energies that are available to you at the beginning and end of each day. Say a thank you for your lessons and know they will help you to become more of yourself.

    A state of acceptance brings grace.

    Bless everything for it will change everything! Bless your water you drink. Fill a jug with water and bless it, give gratitude for it being there, ready for you at the turn of a tap. Leave the jug overnight and taste the difference in the morning! Bless the people in your life, especially the ones who push your buttons for they are the ones who are here to help you be who you truly are.

    I once met someone who kept a few cats and they told me how fed up they were with clearing up the cat cr*p left on the mat by the cats each night.

    Our animals show us what we need to learn, they are here to help us fully understand the workings on the Universe. The cats were showing that person that they were full of cr*p with their thinking! Once this was realised and addressed the cats stopped their nightly actions! What is your animal showing you?

    If you want to increase your spirituality then I really recommend doing Reiki for yourself as it opens you gently and fills you with love. You can simply do Reiki 1st degree (Shoden) and you do not need to do anything else other than put your hands on yourself each day. As you do the energy flows throughout your body and starts the healing process. Your body knows what needs healing and will draw the energy of Reiki to where it is needed. It also works mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Very clever and very special. The more humble you are with it, the better it works as you realise you are simply a channel for divine energy. Your life changes for the better, simply. Reiki Courses Hampshire

    I love Reiki. I use it to charge up my camera battery when I have forgotten to charge it the normal way! It is usually enough to get the pictures of nature that I love! You can also use Reiki for blessing your food and water, and starting the car! No limits Reiki.

    No limits you - if that is what you believe! If you have blocks around believing in yourself book in for healing - see your blocks dissolve before your eyes. It works very fast, so just one or two treatments will see your light shining bright.

    Reiki Courses Hampshire